Skilled Immigration Reform

Innovation stems from attracting the brightest people in the world. Our policies should attract rather than discourage intellectual capital. To restore our economy, we need to do everything we can as a nation to attract the best and the brightest to come and stay in the United States. 

Latest Developments

Innovative immigrants have always been - and will continue to be - central to America's growth, job creation and global competitiveness.
As immigration bills are considered in the House and Senate, CEA’s Innovation Movement asks Congress to consider the following immigration provisions:

1. Allow foreign-born, U.S.-educated immigrants to remain in America upon graduation with a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) graduate degree;

2. Grant visas to foreign-born entrepreneurs who want to start businesses in the U.S., provided they raise sufficient capital and hire American workers; and

3.  Address the current shortage of high-skilled workers by increasing the number of H-1B visas available for high-skilled foreign workers. 

Who are the individuals impacted by this issue? Watch our playlist on YouTube to hear from immigrant entrepreneurs, startups, thought leaders and academics on this issue. 

TAKE ACTION: Now is the Time for Immigration Reform! Did you know that immigrants with advanced degrees boost employment for U.S. natives? Nonetheless, the U.S. trains and educates tens of thousands of foreign students every year, only to kick them out after graduation, so they can create businesses and jobs elsewhere. America’s legal immigration system is outdated. Stand up with us today and ask Congress to pass strategic immigration reform to ensure America’s doors are open for innovators of tomorrow!

ACT NOW! Text the word “REFORM” to 52886 or click here to email Congress directly on this issue.

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Immigrants have higher rates of starting a new business than native-born Americans. (Source: Future of Small Business report by Intuitu Inc.)