Patent Litigation Reform

Patent litigation abuse has reached a crisis level. Patent assertion entities (PAEs), better known as “patent trolls.” Patent trolls do not create products – they simply bring lawsuits against those who do.  Patent lawsuits not only increase consumer costs for useful products but they also stifle business growth and the creation of innovation in new products. If America is to continue to be an economic leader, we must protect innovators, not those who exploit our patent system while creating nothing of value. Congress should move expeditiously to enact sensible patent reform to put a stop to patent trolls. 

Latest Developments

We are urging the Senate to move quickly and pass strong patent abuse legislation. Together we can drive the trolls back under the bridge. CEA hopes that legislation will be enacted to combat the recent explosion of lawsuits, and threats of lawsuits, brought by patent assertion entities.

According to a Boston University study, patent troll lawsuits cost American companies more than $29 billion each year. Many small businesses and startups cannot afford to fight back or get funding to continue their businesses.

ACT NOW: We urge Congress to enact common-sense patent reforms as soon as possible. Help fight patent trolls!  Text “TROLLS” to 52886 or click this link to contact your member of Congress on this issue. 
VIDEO: Why the Senate needs to pass patent litigation reform. 
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