Free Trade

Free Trade encourages innovation. Over the last 15 years, free trade has helped foster a high-tech boom, created more than 25 million jobs, and increased real wages for U.S. workers.

Latest Developments

No Labels Co-Founders Bob Franken and Ron Christie discuss trade with Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association
Credit: No Labels Radio with Jon Huntsman on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel 124, September 28

We support policies that encourage a free-market economy where entrepreneurship can flourish:

  • We applaud the passing of the Colombia, Panama and South Korean trade agreements.
  • Reauthorizing Fast Track Authority (president's authority to negotiate trade agreements, present to Congress as a simple up/down vote).
  • Encourage and enter worldwide trade negations and agreements, including legislation that will repeal the Jackson-Vanik Amendment and establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with Russia.
  • Fighting against Buy American provisions because they hurt U.S. trade relationships.
  • Encourage foreign investors and business to do business here.
  • Encourage and enforce clear and strong intellectual property policies.
Outside our borders: 80 percent of the world's purchasing power, 92 percent of its economic growth and 95 percent of consumers. Developing countries buy over half of all U.S. exports.