Why Innovation?

The culture of entrepreneurship and relentless innovation has made America home to the greatest advances in technology. But today, that culture is under threat. Innovation isn’t just about technology or even business – it also includes the policies that lawmakers choose to enact that either help the spirit of innovation thrive, or stifle new ideas before they can reach full potential.

Who We Are

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) launched The Innovation Movement to bring together an engaged community not just of industry professionals and entrepreneurs but of all citizens who believe innovation is critical to American global leadership and economic growth. This grassroots campaign mobilizes Americans in support of public policies –such as international trade, skilled immigration, deficit reduction and broadband deployment – that encourage and advance American business and shore up our economy for future generations.

Join the Movement

Members of the Innovation Movement receive regular updates on key issues and have the opportunity to make their voices heard when lawmakers in Washington entertain proposals that threaten entrepreneurs.